Wait, How Did Suge Knight’s Son Get Involved In The Lindsay Lohan Alleged Jewelry Theft Saga?


Lindsay Lohan Accused Of Jewelry Theft

It wouldn’t be a Lindsay Lohan story if it was completely straightforward, would it? Hours after TMZ reported that The Canyons star was an official suspect in a jewelry theft at friend Sam Magid‘s house, they’re now reporting that Lilo is allegedly spilling the beans about who she believes is the real culprit: Andrew Knight, son of Suge Knight. Twist! Lindsay had allegedly given Knight and another friend several of the Magid’s stolen items, only to have the two men return them to Magid. As if that wasn’t odd enough, Magid now claims that Lindsay admitted to hiding the jewelry around his home in order to protect it from other potential burglars. Unfortunately for both of them, “Lindsay confessed she was on Ambien at the time she hid the jewelry and was hazy about exactly what happened.” Right. Sure. Why not? We guess our only questions then would be:

  • Since when are Lindsay Lohan and Suge Knight’s son buddies? Did they have a meet cute?
  • Why would Suge Knight’s son need to steal anything, let alone “$100,000 watches and sunglasses”? Doesn’t add up. Math humor!
  • Lindsay was hiding Magid’s personal belongings around his house in order to protect them from other burglars? This actually seems surprisingly plausible, doesn’t it?
  • Who takes Ambien and then goes to an all-night party?

While Magid now says he doesn’t want to press charges (possibly after Lindsay allegedly contacted him to say, “I’m sorry. Please pray for me”), the authorities apparently have enough information to move the case forward regardless. Hmmm, something is still missing from this story…some kind of parental figure interjecting himself perhaps? “Sam told me that nothing was stolen and Lindsay did nothing the day after the story broke. I have irrefutable proof and witness. No matter what anyone says, I have witness and proof that Sam Magid said that nothing was stolen,” Lindsay’s dad Michael Lohan told HuffPo. “Sam said he even sent a letter to the police stating that, and said if Lindsay needed anything that she could ask and he’d give it and she knows that. She has been at his house many times and never took a thing and she was never anywhere near his room at all. She was in the theater with all the people and slept downstairs with her brother Cody, my son. This is a sick witch hunt.” Let’s say it all together now: why was 16-year-old Cody at this party to begin with at Now we’re going to need an Ambien…

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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