Beverly Hills Cop TV Show Might Really Happen


This might be the thing that makes some of us interested in police shows again. And makes us forget the past two-plus decades in which Eddie Murphy became so depressingly unfunny. According to Vulture, Murphy has teamed up with The Shield creator Shawn Ryan to develop Beverly Hills Cop as a TV series, and they began pitching ideas to the networks yesterday. Murphy actually first talked about the project back in October, when he told Rolling Stone that he’d even like to appear on the show from time to time.

“I’d do the pilot, show up here and there,” he said, explaining that the show would revolve around “Axel Foley’s son, and Axel is the chief of police now in Detroit.”

If you are too young to understand why this is exciting, watch the awesome trailer from the first 1984 movie above. And also don’t ever watch Beverly Hills Cop III. The sad tameness of that third installment makes us wonder if maybe this small-screen version should be made for cable, where it could maintain some of its original raunch and grit — a la The Shield on FX.

Between this and Chris Rock’s talk last week that he was working on a CB4 sequel, we are in nostalgia heaven right now. Just no one discuss a Coming to America sequel/remake. You cannot touch that perfection.

Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop II

[Photo: Paramount Pictures]

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