First Spring Breakers Clip So Angsty, We’d Let James Franco Lead Us On Crime Spree Too


Oh, so you thought Spring Breakers was just a movie about neon bikinis, bad dye jobs and scooters? Think again, amigos. It’a also about existential despair. That’s what we’re picking up from the first clip from Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson‘s dark comedy anyway. “I’m so tired of seeing the same thing every single day. Everybody’s miserable here because everybody sees the same things. They wake up in the same bed in the same houses,” Selena intones in the video, as Vanessa, um, faux-shoots herself in the head with her finger gun. And are they in a jail cell? Yikes. This clip real bums us out. It bums us out so much, in fact, that we completely understand why they would follow (let alone speak to) a corn-rowed, Hawaiian shirt-wearing James Franco. In fact, if Party Time James Franco strolled into our cubicle right now, we’d finish our sandwich and go drive his getaway car.

We guess our only question is: is anyone perturbed seeing Gomez get so grim? (Or Pretty Little Liars‘ Benson?)(Or Hudgens, while we’re at it?) “People will be a little shocked, I think. I’m a little nervous about it, but honestly, it’s a right step for me, I’m really proud of it,” Selena told MTV back in June. “I think as an actress it really challenged me. All of the other actresses are also trying to prove themselves, so it was just really, really fun.” Is Selena’s morose turn jarring to you, or does it have you secretly psyched to see her run wild in the streets? Or does it just make you want to go lie down under some blankets?

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