Kris Humphries Cannot Catch A Break, Gets Sued Over Alleged Herpes Outbreak


Kris Humphries Sued Over Herpes Outbreak

Wow. We thought Kris Humphries had it bad when he was forced to try to subpoena Kanye with a Nordstrom box. Or when his ex girlfriend Myla Sinanaj was allegedly pregnant and talking to the press. Or when he got portrayed on Keeping Up With The Kardashians as Kim Kardashian‘s rude, boneheaded fiance. Getting sued over allegedly transmitting herpes, however, takes the humiliating cake. According to TMZ, a woman by the name of Kayla Goldberg contends that Kim’s ex knowingly gave her the STD during a one night stand back in August 2010. On one hand, it would be tempting to sue a celebrity for money in recompense for giving you herpes. On the other hand, now everyone knows that Kayla Goldberg was into Kris Humphries. Who cares about the herpes, Kayla? Don’t you remember when Kris allegedly called Kim “fat”? That is the real line here, people!

The sexual battery suit (which TMZ has available for your perusal) includes a lot of other embarrassing details, like the fact the two did not use a condom. We just heard the mothers of the world faint into a heap. And underneath that deafening thud? The low, victorious laugh of one Ms. Kim Kardashian, probably trying on Gucci, undoubtedly enjoying all of this.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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