Snooki Sounds Like The Happiest Mom Ever, And We Get A Peek At Baby Lorenzo!


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We’re still awaiting a real pic of brand-new guido Lorenzo Dominic LaValle, but for now we’ll settle for the exclusive glimpse TMZ got their hands on, which show only that Snooki and Jionni’s kid has quite the full head of hair, and that Mama Snooks wore platforms on her way out of the hospital after giving birth on Sunday morning. We also thought now would be a good time to catch up with everything we know so far about the new family.

  • Snooki is a fully-converted breast-feeding advocate. “I love nursing my little man!” she tweeted yesterday, following up with, “#BreastPump insteada #FistPump.” Though we sense a little bit of sarcasm in her tweet this morning: “Can’t wait to pump!!! The highlight of my life.”
  • She maybe has to use diapers herself right now: “I’m legit an old lady. Rockin the diapers with that old lady gangsta lean,” she wrote.
  • We will probably get to witness Lorenzo’s birth. Radar reported that Snooki & JWOWW producers 495 Productions had cameras at St. Barnabas Hospital, and even after they were kicked out of the delivery room, Jionni kept his personal camera rolling.

  • Possibly for the benefit of the cameras, or just for herself, Snooki wore false lashes even when she was in labor. That makes up for the diapers.
  • Snooki is weathering the sleep-loss just fine. “We don’t sleep anymore. We just take lots of naps. Idc, as long as I’m staring at my handsome son,” she wrote.
  • But she is very much digging a return to caffeine, posting an Instagram this morning of her green tea latte.
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