Taylor Swift Talks Kennedys In Rolling Stone Before Most Couples Would Be “In A Relationship” On Facebook


Taylor Swift Talks Kennedys In Rolling Stone

Let’s hope this Conor Kennedy thing works out! If not, Taylor Swift is now recorded forever in the annals of Rolling Stone history, talking about buying a house near her one-time crush. Awk-ward! “That would be so amazing,” the “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” singer gushed to the magazine about purchasing a home in Hyannis Port near the Kennedys. Llast time we checked, girl was doing just that, but…haven’t Taylor and Conor only been dating for , ike, two months? And that Page Six claimed Taylor chartered a private jet to ferry Conor from Massachusetts to Nashville? Well, uh, most millionaire-high school senior relationships work out, don’t they? Don’t they? Hoo boy…

Romantical aspects of her songwriting aside, Swift’s interview also offers an interesting insight into her psyche: if Taylor spends half as much time thinking about her relationships as she does her stage show, the woman deserves a M.S. in Couples Counseling. “After I write a song, I always end up laying awake at night thinking, ‘What are the lighting cues going to be on this? How big is the pit going to be?’ I have been thinking of some big moments that are going to happen,” Taylor explains. Haha, you’re right. What do we mean “if she spends half as much time thinking about her relationships as she does her stage show?” “I know general things about love,” Swift reveals. “How to treat people well, what you deserve and when to walk away. Other than that, love is a complete mystery – and that’s why I like to write about it.” No wonder she’s buying real estate when everyone one else is deliberating whither to leave a toothbrush at their boyfriend’s place. Heart on her sleeve, 18-year-old boyfriend hurtling toward Nashville on a chartered jet: that’s the way we like our Taylor.

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