The To Do List Red Band Trailer Checks Off Everything We Want In A Teen Comedy


Guys, this is looks good. Like Mean Girls good. Immediately following the announcement that it would premiere February 14, 2013, the To Do List trailer ticked off all the things we want to see in a teen movie. Things like Bill Hader, Donald Glover, Alia Shawkat, Rachel Bilson, and skorts. Most importantly, the To Do List has Parks and Rec‘s Aubrey Plaza as the goody-goody nerdlinger protagonist, who tries to put some notches on her belt before going off to college‚Ķwith hilarious consequences! It goes without saying there will be hilarious consequences, right? So go on and watch the (sort of NSFW) trailer. It perfectly fulfills all our teen comedy needs. Needs like:

’90s Fashion: Those wispy bangs. That purple lipstick. The wire-rimmed glasses. Check.

Humiliating pratfalls in front of your crush: Check

Agent Coulson: So this is what he’s doing when not teaming up with Thor and Captain America: shouting at his teenage daughters. Seems about right. Check.

Sexy times with Donald Glover: Do we actually have to explain why this belongs in every movie? Come on now. Check.

A soaking-wet Andy Samberg in a filthy wig: We didn’t even know we wanted it until we saw it. Now we want nothing else in the world.

[Photo: CBS]

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