Chris Brown Dyes His Hair Blue … React?


Chris Brown Dyes Hair Blue

So, this picture of Chris Brown with a bright blue new ‘do did the rounds over the last few hours. He originally released it on his Instagram account but took it off, for some strange reason. You can see disappointed fans asking why he did that on the last picture on the page as well, requesting him to put it back up. His fan Twitter account, ChrisBrownnation still has the picture, which you can see here. We’re a bit flummoxed about why he decided to delete the image? Is it because of some sort of backlash? Is he going back to his regular hair color? Experimenting with hair color isn’t exactly a big deal now. Katy Perry is the primary example of that. And Chris’ band of loyal followers — and there are millions of them — wouldn’t care one bit if his hair were blue, blond or technicolored, right? We wrote about Chris coloring his hair blond and it being beyond us last year, but the change in look didn’t really affect his album sales! But seriously, do you like it? Should he keep it for some time?

[Photo via Twitter]

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