Our Top 10 Brain-Melting Thoughts About Kim Kardashian’s New Wedding Gown-Esque Picture


Kim Kardashian Tweets Pucci Gown, Looks Like Wedding Dress

Here’s what Kim Kardashian tweeted yesterday, “Late night fitting.” The two additions to that tweet were the hashtag “Pucci” and the photograph you see above. The internet, along with our brains, exploded. C’mon — it’s white, beaded, sheer, in parts. Say it with us, but don’t forget to add the lilt of the question mark in the end — wedding gown? In an effort to organize our thoughts, here are the top 10 points that zoomed through our heads when we saw this picture.

1. Is that a wedding gown?

2. No seriously, are you trying on a wedding gown?

3. Is that too sexy to be a wedding gown? [Is anything too sexy for Kim?]

4. You’re not officially divorced from Kris Humphries yet, lady. Hold yer horses.

5. Is that Kanye West approved

6. Pucci — good choice! This has to be Kanye approved.

7. This has to be Kim f—ing with our heads, right? She knew that we all would think this was a wedding gown.

8. This would be her third wedding gown, right? Three times a charm? STOP IT, BRAIN.

9. OMG. What would a Kanye West proposal involve? That would be the most over-the-top proposal, E.V.E.R.

10. Kim Kardashian, you are an evil, self-PR and marketing genius guru.

[Photo via Twitter]

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