Omarosa, Michael Clarke Duncan Were Planning January Wedding


Omarosa Manigault and Michael Clark Duncan

As if we weren’t already sad about the too-soon death of 54-year-old actor Michael Clarke Duncan, today we learned that it happened just months before he was set to get married. We’d seen reality-TV vet Omarosa Manigault referred to as both Duncan’s girlfriend and fiancee, so we kind of assumed they were engaged. But now comes a report from TMZ that says the two had been keeping their engagement from the media and had told only close family and friends. They had started to plan the wedding just before the Green Mile star suffered a heart attack on July 13.

β€œI am devastated,” Manigault told Radar of her loss on Monday. β€œHe was the love of my life.”

Defying the bad-girl persona she’d cultivated on The Apprentice, Omarosa was actually the one who saved her fiance’s life back in July, when she found him in a state of cardiac arrest and administered CPR to him. According to TMZ, she flew doctors in from all over the world in an attempt to help Duncan recover, but he remained hospitalized since the incident. It’s even more devastating to learn that she had left town briefly for an engagement and just returned to L.A. on Monday night.

Our hearts go out to her and the rest of Duncan’s family.

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