Katy Perry And John Mayer Really, Really Want Us To Know They’re Still Going Out


Katy Perry, John Mayer Seen On Date
Ugh, Katy Perry and John Mayer, you know how to play us like a fiddle. Clearly you want us to know/think your love is continuing to blossom despite rumors of your break-up, as evidenced by your date at Little Door last night. How do we know your romantic evening was at least partially for our benefit? Luckily for you, we’re something of a celeb dating detective agency. We’re like Sherlock Holmes, but for secret A-list canoodling. We also rock a fierce deerstalker from time to time. Those never go out of style.

People’s Exhibit A: If John and Katy weren’t interested in letting any of us plebs know the details of their dating life, they would have done what all normal couples do: order in Chinese and watch Creep Show 2 on Netflix. In private. No paps would mean none of us normals would be the wiser, so it seems pretty obvious they wanted to be photographed together.

People’s Exhibit B: While it appears to have come out of a gum ball machine (um, we mean, the gum ball machine at Cartier. Yeah, that’s the ticket…), Katy wore a diamond-looking ring on her engagement finger last night and we can’t help but mention it. Oh, you’re good, girl. You know we can’t resist a rock. Case closed, Your Honor! The complete subjective celebrity prosecution rests!

Katy Perry Snapped With Ring

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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