Looks Like Taylor Swift Gushed About The Kennedys Until The Kennedys Finally Gushed Back


Patrick Kennedy Gushes About Taylor Swift

And this whole time we thought they were your standard issue repressed Irish Catholics! We guess we should have gotten the hint when Victoria Gifford Kennedy complained to the Boston Herald about Taylor Swift‘s wedding crashing last month,┬árather than silently clench her jaw and swirl her high ball glass, Lucille Bluth-style. While the mother-of-the-bride might still be peeved, it looks like there are plenty of Kennedys who are more than happy to swoon to the press about the latest quasi-addition to their clan. “We love Taylor Swift,” former Congressman and Conor Kennedy relative Patrick Kennedy gushed to TMZ. “She’s been a great friend and we’re happy for Conor.” A great friend! Aw, that is some Taylor-level cuteness right there. Maybe she has met her madras-plaid-and-Peter-Pan-collar match after all!

Of course, seeing as how Taylor Swift already raved about the family┬áto Rolling Stone, attended at least one of their religious ceremonies unannounced and bought a house down the block, we should hope the Kennedys think she’s the bee’s knees. Exclaimed Patrick, “If she wants to be in the family, she’s already a part of it.” Whoa, do you think Taylor could handle a family as intense as she is? (It would take a whole family, wouldn’t it?) We can’t wait to hear Conor’s first album of angst pop ballads to find out!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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