Cee Lo Green To Become NBC Sitcom Star, Not Supervillain Like We Would Have Thought


Cee-Lo Green To Star In NBC Sitcom

Cliff Huxtable. Danny Tanner. Dr. Evil. Which of these roles would you cast Cee-Lo Green in, if given the chance? Right, Dr. Evil! The Voice mentor is already bald and has what appears to be an evil cat! Guess Cee Lo will have to save his maniacal cackling and malevolent schemes for his personal life, seeing as how he’s going to be working with NBC to create a sitcom “loosely based on his real life relationship with his ex-wife and children.” Oh, is his ex-wife some kind of supervillainess? Who are we thinking of? Oh, sorry. It was Catwoman. Our bad.

A move to acting does make sense for Cee Lo, though; the singer recently tried his hand at the big screen for the first time, acting alongside Jordin Sparks in Sparkle as some kind of normal human man without any special powers or plans for world domination. According to Deadline, Cee-Lo’s multi-camera comedy will star “Green as a version of himself as he tries to balance his career as a top recording artist and his frenetic home life.” The singer is in final negations with NBC for the deal, so at least he can get a lot of finger tenting and ludicrous demands for absurd amounts of money out of his system now.

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