James Franco Reestablishes His James Franco-ness With A Comfortingly Bizarre Spring Breakers Clip


We know it’s selfish, but we hate it when a genius performer feels like he or she has to “spread their wings” and “do something new” with their “craft.” Remember when Robin Williams was in One Hour Photo? We could never watch Bicentennial Man again! Which is why we are so, so glad to see that it’s business as usual for James Franco in his new Spring Breakers clip. “This is my f—ing dream, y’all. All this s—. Look at my s—. I got shorts, every f—ing color. Designer t-shirts. Gold bullets. Motherf—ing vampires,” he mumbles through gold teeth in the teaser. Mothereffing. Vampires. As Franco rants we see a wall of guns, then a wall of hats. Oh, and his character’s name is Alien. It all feels so familiar, like coming home. Coming home to James Franco’s house, where you look over and see a wall of guns, and a wall of hats.

We knew James’ role was going to be beautifully weird based on set photos alone (plus the first Spring Breakers clip was great) but we had no idea we’d get to look forward to “a scene where Franco sings the [Britney] Spears classic ‘Everytime’ while [Vanessa] Hudgens waves a machine gun over her head” in the film. As it should be. As it should be.

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