Kristen Stewart Arrives In Toronto With Awesome Hair, Shirt Of Possibly Tragic Origin


Kristen Stewart arrives in Toronto

Who arrives at their destination after a cross-continental flight and looks better than when they took off? Kristen Stewart, naturally. Late last night, the actress landed in Toronto, where she’ll attend the Toronto International Film Festival screening of On the Road today. It will be her first public appearance since that whole traumatic mess blew up in July, so she was understandably press shy as the paps snapped her before taking off and after landing. Still, she looked pretty damn good in her T-shirt, jeans, leather jacket, dark-framed glasses and loose, wavy hair. Unfortunately, she made one mistake that People and Radar have already pounced on: That “Irie” T-shirt is one that maybe-ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson was photographed wearing when he walked his dog last year. And god, when you think about it, this is really both devastating and embarrassing.

Kristen Stewart at LAX

Imagine you’re going through a breakup (or something like that), and even though you’d rather still be sitting in your darkened house watching bad movies, you venture out on a business trip. To comfort yourself, you throw on an old T-shirt that still smells like your ex — or maybe it doesn’t, maybe it’s just a T-shirt that’s comfortable and old and you don’t even remember where you got it. But then everyone else in the world remembers where they saw it last. (Also, somehow you hurt your finger and have to wear it in a brace.) And this is just as your (maybe) ex is about to present a 90-second clip of the last movie you made together at the very venue where you first appeared together five years ago. Oh, god. Sorry, we didn’t mean to make that go on for so long. [Deep breath.]

On the bright side, her hair looks really, really good. Stay tuned for more pics from Kristen’s day in Toronto, where we promise not to get so maudlin.

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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