5 Reasons Rebel Wilson Was The Best Part Of The VMAs (As If You Needed Us To Tell You)


Rebel Wilson MTV VMAs Highlight

We loved Frank Ocean‘s Pond O’ Serenity and Ezra Miller‘s bolero business funeral suit, but if there was one bright, shiny, Australian moment that truly made us swoon during tonight’s MTV VMAs, it would have to be Rebel Wilson’s intro bit for “Best Female Video” with The Wanted. Why was it such a highlight? Well, for one, the Pitch Perfect star wasn’t taking herself seriously at all. You can’t make Kevin Hart be the only comedic relief in a two-hour show! In case you needed us to break down the reasons Rebel snatched our hearts with her Ruffles-covered hands, they would be…

  1. That bathing suit shirt.
  2. The fact that Rebel would publicly proposition The Wanted. “Who wants to be the chip in my dip?,” she inquired. Wilson is just saying…what we’re all thinking!
  3. “This one’s bisexual,” Wilson declared while grabbing Max George. Max merely roles his eyes. Squeeeee!
  4. Finally, a masturbation joke! “I think I’m just going to go home and finish myself off,” Wilson concluded after none of the boys stepped forward to get down. Considering the fact that most attendees were treating the VMAs as solemnly as the Presidential Inauguration, we seriously needed one.
  5. There are straight-up pubes hanging off that bathing suit shirt. A-mah-zing. Then Kevin had the audacity to declare, “You gotta wax that. That’s nasty.” Oh, you mean that’s perfection? Rebel FTW.

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5 Reasons Rebel Wilson Was The Best Part Of The VMAs (As If You Needed Us To Tell You)
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