Demi Lovato Went Out With Niall Horan After His Katy Perry Kiss? If Only We Had Predicted This!


Demi Lovato Went Out With Naill After VMAs

We feel like we’ve really let you down, you guys. When we made our 10 VMA Celeb Feuds post, we were foolishly betting on old standby beefs like Drake vs Chris Brown, or Kanye vs anyone who Kanye doesn’t want talking into a mic at that exact second. We should have opened our minds to more unlikely disputes, like the Demi Lovato/Katy Perry beef we can only assume has started now that Katy kissed One Direction‘s Niall Horan…immediately before he went to dinner with Demi. Man, this feud is not going to be pretty. Both of them wear a lot of rings!

According to Us Magazine, The Voice judge and the British boy bander stopped by Pink Taco after the VMAs…alone. It certainly wouldn’t be the first hint we’ve gotten of a Niall/Demi romance, but it’s probably the first to be immediately followed by Horan tweeting about kissing another woman. We could assume both he and Katy are joking, but you watch. The second we brush off a burgeoning beef, that’s when the nightclub brawl starts. Sometimes we feel like we need a celebrity beef Yoda to teach us how to spot potential A-list antagonists. No, you’re right. The power to predict celebrity beefs has been with us all along…inside all of our hearts.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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