Report: Did Rihanna And Chris Brown Really “Kiss” At The VMAs?


This Chris Brown-Rihanna saga’s never going to end is it. And since both of them were going to attend the MTV Video Music Awards, held last night, there was some serious anticipation about whether was something was going to go down. Over the past few months, all signs have led towards to some sort of a reunion, and not just a conciliation. Chris being there at Rihanna’s birthday party, albeit on the down-low. All the hoopla about the Chris-Drake fight over Ri-Ri. Yeah, yeah “allegedly” over Ri-Ri, but c’mon, we all know that it was about her. And let’s not forget Rihanna’s turn with Oprah, where she admitted she felt “protective” about him. Did they two really meet up before she headed to Italy on vacay? While that rumor will never be substantiated, who all here think it happened? Yeah, that’s what we though. Most of you do! That Rihanna-Chris collabo — there’s more to it, guys. We feel it. They’re inching towards a full-on public declaration of re-love. Hah.

Rihanna greets Chris Brown at the VMAs

Anyhoo, taking all of this into consideration, let’s get down to what happened at the VMAs last night. Rihanna was looking mighty-fine with her new hair and in a white gown that got her onto the best-dressed list for the night. Chris was looking dapper in a steel grey suit. They met. But were there fireworks? Well, that’s for you to decide. MTV has video of them meeting and of a kiss between the two — right in front of everyone. But we can’t tell, due to the angle, if it was a friendly peck hello, or something more passionate. What it does reveal though, is that these two have reached a place that’s more than just civilized. Rihanna looks really happy to see him. So, what gives? And what’s your take on the kiss?

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