Do fun., Walk The Moon, Or RuPaul Want To Be The Subject Of A Taylor Swift Breakup Song?


The VMAs ended last night with Taylor Swift performing “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” her latest stinging anthem to relationships gone horribly horribly wrong. It’s not news to say that T-Swizzle has gotten some pretty decent mileage (and record sales) from her heartbreak with high profile dudes like John Mayer, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner and god knows how many more. It’s gotta be pretty freaky for a guy to get called out in the form of a hit pop track…but then again, it might be kind of cool. Right? Like being part of an irritatingly catchy piece of history. VH1’s very own Kate Spencer was on the VMA red carpet and asked celebs to weigh in on whether or not they’d like to be the subject of a Taylor Swift breakup song!

Drag Race star RuPaul wasn’t too enthused at the idea, saying he’d rather be in “a Taylor Swift make-up song,” and fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff also wasn’t feeling it. “Too stressful. Seems really stressful. I like that song, but I don’t know if I’d want it to be about me.” Dan Reynolds from Las Vegas rockers Imagine Dragons seemed downright terrified at the thought! “I think that that’s every man’s biggest nightmare. Especially now,” he said. “She puts people on blast. She seems like a sweet girl but then she goes hard.”

However, Walk The Moon’s Eli Maiman took the totally opposite view, getting super pumped at the prospect of inspiring Taylor’s latest smash. “Absolutely yes. Are you kidding?” laughed the VH1 You Oughta Know artist. “I’d date her for an hour if she’d write a song about me.” Zack Pearlman from the US revamp of The Inbetweeners was also all about it, but for a slightly more cruel reason. “Yes, that would be hilarious!” he says. “Dude, the rest of your life you’d be like, ‘I dated that CRAZY  famous person.’ The Madonna of the country world. I’m calling it.” But he’d make sure to stand out from the crowd of dozens (we’re up to dozens, right?) of other dudes who scorned Lady Taylor. “We should break her heart in a very weird way, so we know that song is about us.” Check out the video below to catch more of last night’s action!

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