Khloe Kardashian May Host This Season Of X Factor, Creating A Reality TV Alliance Of World-Ending Proportions


You guys, the Kardashians might be teaming up with Simon Cowell. That’s right, the man who flooded networks with competition shows and watered down music could join forces with celeb-socialites who created an entire media brand despite offering nothing of value to the world and possessing no apparent talent. This is like the Axis power of reality television. TV as we know it could be doomed.

According to TMZ, Khloe Kardashian (AKA, the good one) is in the lead to host X Factor this fall, topping the producer’s short list. Apparently execs are responding extremely well to her screen test, and are rarin’ to pit her alongside judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato in an effort to appeal to the all important younger demographic. “There’s at least an 85% chance she’ll get the job,” a source close to Cowell reports.

It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that Cowell and the Kardashian’s have changed the face of entertainment. In the past, you generally had to be famous to appear on television. Thanks to these two camps, the theory is reversed. Appear on the box and the fame will follow! Even if you’re just a terrifyingly media savvy family, or a guy who sings Ricky Martin songs hilariously bad. Now they could join forces and…oh god. We scared, you guys. Hold us.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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