Rebel Wilson Was Already Your New Girlfriend. Then She Interviewed Her Own Rap Alter Ego.


Rebel Wilson Interviews Own Rap Alter Ego

So, are you going to propose to Rebel Wilson while you two are on some quiet, romantic weekend getaway, or are you going to go big with it and pop the question on, say, the Kiss Cam at a Dodgers game? On a related note, how would you get Rebel Wilson to go on a romantic weekend with you, seeing as how she doesn’t know you and you’re just some random person reading this blog post? We’re asking for…a friend. Yeah, that’s the ticket. While the continental United States was already half in love with Rebel Wilson after the Bachelorette star offered a bright moment of pure absurdity during last night’s tame VMAs, we’re all the way there with her self-interview for Bullett magazine, where her alter ego Rebelicious tosses gems like:

  • “I’m so hard I’m like an algebra equation. X plus 4 equals… me! Respect.”
  • “I’ve ’ad an entourage of midgets, worn a dress made completely out of blue cheese, and got my hair stuck in a go- kart… voluntarily”
  • “I’m currently researching for a new movie about an interviewer who goes undercover in the rap world only to discover that she herself might have what it takes to be a rap artist even though she’s white and her parents are preachers and her only friend in the world, a cat called Tishy, contracts feline AIDs. Costarring Channing Tatum.”

Thank god Channing Tatum already has a wife. That means we still have a chance! Not all of us, but maybe you, sir or ma’am!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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