Amanda Bynes Pulled Over After License Suspended; We Pray This Is Performance Art


Amanda Bynes Pulled Over After License Suspended

We’re starting to suspect that someone must have watched Joaquin Phoenix‘s mock-umentary I’m Still Here and been inspired to try to the whole “meta celebrity breakdown” route. Why else would Amanda Bynes drive around without her headlights on a week after she had her license suspended over multiple hit and run charges? According to TMZ, the She’s The Man star was allegedly pulled over by the cops last night after the boys in blue noticed she was hurtling through the darkness sans headlights. Our question is: don’t most modern cars automatically turn on the headlights when it gets dark? Ah ha! Add another check mark in the “Celebrity Hoax” column!

The police apparently let Amanda go despite the fact she was driving with a suspended license. TMZ also claims the actress refused a breathalyzer test; seeing as how Amanda was charged with DUI this summer, her refusal might trigger a one-year suspension. On the other hand, her license is already suspended, so we imagine the repercussions will be…worse? Either way, we’re predicting that Amanda will grow a beard, act nuts on Letterman and announce a rap career next week. All of which sounds a lot better than what’s probably actually going to happen: more of the same.

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