Kate Winslet/Jeremy Sisto Titanic Screen Test Explains Why They Went With Leo After All


Seeing as how Jeremy Sisto was still riding high off his Clueless success in the mid-nineties, it’s no wonder director James Cameron was hoping to snag him for the role of Titanic hottie Jack. Having just watched Kate Winslet‘s first screen test from the Titanic 3D Blue-Ray edition, however, we completely understand why Cameron went with Leonardo DiCaprio. While 21-year-old Jeremy is a total Baldwin, he’s a little too low-key and mumbly for a sweeping love story that ends with his corpse sinking into the frigid Atlantic. We also don’t think he could have gotten through the raucous Irish jig scene without a little eye-rolling. Winslet on the other hand? Pure porcelain-and-crimson perfection. Who wouldn’t want to see her sweaty hand slap the window of a Model T Ford?

Not that the dialogue is helping Jeremy any. “Have you ever torn apart a rose?” Wha? That’s a hard line for anyone to make romantic. Then again, considering this scene ends up being a pivotal moment in their budding romance, we (and our seventh-grade selves) are glad they held out for Leo.

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