Miley Cyrus’ Home Gets Broken Into, Intruder Arrested


Intruder Arrested At Miley Cyrus' Home

Thank the Lord that Miley Cyrus wasn’t at her home this weekend. A man named Jason Luis Rivera — clearly more than a bit off in the head — broke into her Studio City home by jumping a fence. Why? Because he wanted to meet her, of course. And this is where it gets even crazier. Not only was he carrying a pair of scissors, but this is what he said when the cops apprehended him, “I am a friend of Miley Cyrus. I am. She’s my wife. Me and Miley have been friends for five years.” See what we mean? Crazy town. The police were called in because someone in the neighborhood called 911. We’re presuming these were people at her home, because he talked to them after he broke in, refusing to leave until he met Miley. Is there any surprise he didn’t go with officials quietly? They found Rivera hiding in the bushes, where he had lit candles for his “wife”, we presume, and had to be tased because he refused to co-operate. He has been booked for burglary and trespassing now. We’re glad that Miley didn’t have to deal with any of this. We shudder to think why he had scissors on his person. Let’s hope he’s locked away for a while.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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