Weighing The Pros And Cons of Sitting Through A 10 Hour Twilight Movie Marathon


A press release just crossed the wire from our friends at Summit/Lionsgate, announcing an official Twilight movie marathon happening at theaters around the country on November 15. Fans will be able to watch all the films back-to-back leading up to a 10PM screening of the final film in the franchise, Breaking Dawn: Part 2. This is a super cool offering (and also a nice way to rake in some extra Twilight cash) but man, ten hours of Twilight? In a row? While we’re into seeing every meadow scene in a row, there are only so many minutes of werewolves in jorts that we can handle! Let’s weight the pros and cons of such an event, shall we? Because, truth be told, while ten hours seems long we may be convinced that this is indeed a good idea.


  • 10 hours of intense Edward stares.
  • You could eat popcorn and Junior Mints for like, three meals.
  • Follow the journey through all five films of two of the most important Twilight props: the cactus and the dream catcher.
  • You get to see the movies together as one actual saga. (This is like our one “serious” reason because honestly, it is pretty cool).
  • So many ridiculous wigs and hair transformations to admire in such a short time!
  • When you sit down to enjoy the uh, action in Breaking Dawn: Part 2, all those Edbella makeout sessions (er, and more) will be fresh in your mind.


  • That’s a lot of Twilight.
  • Like, a lot. Even for us.
  • Your butt will probably fall asleep.
  • If your friends don’t yet make fun of you for being wayyyyy too into Twilight, they will now. (*Waves* to our friends reading this.)
  • Won’t you be tired by the time Breaking Dawn: Part 2 starts? Like, how can you pay attention to the new film after eight hours of dazzlingness?

Hmmmm. Even with our hesitations, it looks like the pros outweigh the cons because OF COURSE THE DO. Will you sit through ten hours of Twilight? Let us know and maybe we’ll join you!

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