Is Chris Brown’s New Neck Tattoo Supposed To Be Rihanna?


Chris Brown's New Tattoo

It’s hard to type when you just want to face-palm all day, so we’ll keep this brief: Chris Brown showed off a new tattoo on his neck that depicts what appears to be a woman with either weird face tattoos (if you’re being generous) or with bruises and scars on her face (if you’re not so Team Breezy). Probably not the best choice for a guy convicted of domestic assault. Maybe he should have gone with an eagle or a peace sign or something like that. But wait, it gets worse (maybe). Many people believe that the new ink bears a striking resemblance to his former girlfriend Rihanna. Yeah, you probably see where we’re going with this.

Despite all of this creepiness, Team Breezy insists that it’s all just a coincidence. Sources close to the singer told TMZ that “it’s a random woman.” And they’re definitely insisting that the apparent bruises and stitches are just the woman’s tattoos and elaborate makeup. Whatever the truth,  it’s still an interesting choice to say the least. Even if there is an innocent explanation behind the marking, you’d think someone in his camp would have sounded the alarm that the tat could easily be misinterpreted.

Is he marking himself with a permanent reminder of his crimes for all to see as a form of self-punishment, Scarlet Letter-style? Or is it meant as some kind of romantic expression towards Rihanna that we’re totally missing? Or maybe he’s just really into female WWE fighters/ladies with face tattoos. What do you think about the body art that has everyone talking? Let us know in the poll below!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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