Kris Jenner Is Furious At Kanye West For Constantly Mentioning Kim’s Sex Tape


Kris Jenner mad at Kanye West

It’s a problem that affects every relationship at some point: you made a sex tape a bunch of years ago, and your big mouth rapper boyfriend keeps bringing it up every chance he gets, even spinning a verse about it in his newest hit song. And then your mom/manager gets pissed at him because mentioning your scandalous past is potentially damaging to your multimillion dollar monolithic media brand. It happens all the time, you guys! What do you do!?

It’s a situation familiar to all of us, and now Kim Kardashian is in a sticky spot. Kim’s momager Kris Jenner is reportedly furious at boyfriend Kanye West for consistently bringing the infamous sex tape with Ray J back into the spotlight, after many years of trying to sweep it under the rug. Yeezy made reference to the career making porn in his new track “Clique” and made headlines yesterday by admitting that he would watch the tape while having sex with other girlfriends.

“Kris had stern words with Kanye when she saw that he said he would put Kim’s sex tape on while romping with other women,” a source told RadarOnline. “She thinks it’s a disrespectful claim and told Kanye to stop talking about it at every given opportunity…By bringing up the past, Kanye is making it worse for Kim, but he doesn’t see it as that much of a big deal.” This puts Kim in the tough spot of smoothing things out between her mom and her boyfriend. Oh, and she also still has a pretty embarrassing sex tape floating around. All in all, not a great situation for Kim K.

But while Kris is mad at Kanye, the whole world is mad right back at Kris. Apparently the producers of NBC’s Today Show decided to air an interview in which Jenner discusses her new boob job, rather than observe the moment of silence in memory of September 11th victims at 8:46 AM this morning. Yeah, that definitely qualifies as an Epic Television Fail. While it’s not exactly Kris’ fault, she is taking a considerable degree of flack for the broadcast oops.

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