Woody Harrelson Demands To Know: “Who Stole My F#@king Shih Tzu?!”


When we first saw a photo of this poster popping up around LA, our first thought was “Wow, we really would  have pegged Woody Harrelson as a cat person.” But it’s clear from the flyer that this dude REALLY loves his dog. Psychotically so, it seems. “Who Stole My F#@king Shih Tzu!?” the poster passionately screams before launching into a long, rambling, manifesto-like rant about the “beautiful f#@king perfect dog” known as Bonny. The pooch apparently “has a heart bigger than a lion” and “lives only to love,” but was recently stolen “by some horrible, terrible piece of s#*t who doesn’t have an ounce of joy, or decency or kindness in them.” Ouch!

“Bonny (NOT Bonnie) has been a faithful companion, more loyal than any person ever could be,” the distraught owner continues in the text. “And has brought me peace and solace and joy in a world filled with filth and hatred and evil and hate and misery.” The message starts to become more and more unhinged, climaxing with “I LOVE HIM! I LOVE THIS F#@KING DOG MORE THAN MY GIRLFRIEND!” It was around this point that we started to wonder what the hell was going on with this thing, and we weren’t sure whether to laugh or cry. The plot thickened when we saw the mysterious name Charlie Costello in the contact information.

After some snooping, it all came together. The posters are part of a guerrilla promotional campaign for Harrelson’s new movie Seven Psychopaths, which made it’s debut at the Toronto film festival last weekend. In the movie, Woody’s character Charlie Costello gets his beloved dog stolen. So thankfully the real Woody Harrelson is not down a pet. But fans of the actor (or of dogs) have been going to the fictional Charlie Costello’s twitter page to get updates on Bonny, and band together in their love of shih tzus.

[Photo: Twitter]

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