Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Flakes On Scary Movie 5; We Realize Maybe This Is Her Comeback


Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Flakes On Scary Movie 5

We think we’ve come to an important conclusion about Lindsay Lohan‘s career today, having read the latest Scary Movie 5 rumor about her. According to The New York Post, Lindsay allegedly “freaked out” when she realized her Scary Movie 5 cameo would involve her poking fun at her numerous past problems, a panic that lead her to skip rehearsals, avoid going to the set and, in a moment of pure divadom, claim she had “walking pneumonia.” It was then when we realized…you know what? This is Lindsay’s comeback! It’s all been Lindsay’s comeback It just doesn’t look like what we thought it would look like. We all keep waiting for some Oscar nomination or TV pilot to clear out all of Lohan’s craziness, but maybe that craziness is just always going to be there. Sure, Lindsay might still be getting into fender benders and allegedly, um, trashing Elizabeth Taylor‘s antique trailer. She also has Liz & Dick and The Canyons in the can and Scary Movie 5 in the works. At least Lilo’s getting consistent work, and that ain’t nothing!

Not that her Scary Movie cameo would do much to soothe Lohan’s nerves. “It went pretty hard at Lindsay,” their source says of the scene, adding that Lindsay had to…had to…had to kiss Charlie Sheen at one point. Our heart goes out to her. “These stories are untrue, and she is willingly fulfilling all of her obligations,” Lindsay rep scoffed. Ah, but even if the gossip is rooted in fact, we think our girl’s going to be okay.

Or at least we sure hope so.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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