Oprah Is Really Into Her “No Holds Barred” Interview With Usher


Usher’s protracted divorce and custody battle with Tameka Foster finally came to an end last month, and we’re sure all involved parties are looking forward to a bit of privacy. But first! Usher agreed to one last probing interrogation, on this week’s Oprah’s Next Chapter.

“He said that he would talk to me and then he’s never gonna talk again,” Oprah says in a new promo for the episode. She asks him about “about his marriage … the fact that his mother didn’t come to the marriage … the fact that he’s gone through three years of a custody battle, now has primary custody of his own children … about breaking down on the stage in Berlin … what really made him cry on the witness stand. … He talks about everything, no holds barred. ”

If you think this video will give you a hint at his answers, you will be disappointed. This is a major tease that features only part of his response to that Berlin question: “I felt like I would never perform again.”

But O makes up for the lack of actual Usher quotes with her own enthusiasm for this interview, especially when she shifts into lustful lady interviewer mode to tell us, “And then I asked him the question I always wanted to know, maybe you do to: Does he make love to his own music?”

He grins his sexiest of grins and says, “I love that.” What we love even more is the face Oprah makes at the end of the clip, revealing a side of O we rarely see, and it is awesomely awkward. More, please.

Oprah talks about Usher

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