Rihanna’s Gold Grillz Compete With Chris Brown’s Tatt For This Week’s Most Unattractive Accessory


Rihanna Wears Gold Grillz To Dinner

Hmmm, which one is less appealing: Chris Brown‘s new prison-style neck tattoo, or the gold grillz Rihanna paired with opaque lilac lip gloss night? On one hand, Rihanna can take out the aforementioned grillz whenever she wants, rather than, say, having to pay thousands of dollars to have them lasered off. On the other hand, Chris Brown can walk into any restaurant in the world and immediately enjoy a nice meal unhindered by his sugar skull/MAC advert/alleged portrait of RiRi getting in the way. What’s the point of wearing grillz to Giorgio Baldi, knowing that you’ll have to excuse yourself to the ladies room, spit them out and keep them in your purse wrapped in a napkin? Unless we completely misunderstand grillz? Which is more than possible?

Rihanna Wears Gold Grilz

Look, you all know we love RiRi’s fashions almost as much as we love her approach to Twitter haters. We even loved the underboob tattoo that she dedicated to her Gran Gran Dolly, though….you know what elderly Barbadian grandmas probably don’t really care for? Underboob tattoos. This glitzed-out robot mouth, however, is too much. Take them out, girl! Take them out and laugh that you went with the temporary fashion option!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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