Amanda Bynes’ Pipe-Smoking Pics Raise A Lot Of, Er, Burning Questions


Amanda Bynes

On Tuesday, three days after Amanda Bynes had been pulled over for not having her headlights as she was driving with a suspended license, the actress was snapped by paparazzi during yet another vehicular adventure. In photos obtained by TMZ, we can follow along on Bynes’ reported three-hour tour around Los Angeles, which was as seemingly aimless as it was oddly fascinating — due to the fact that she stopped more than once to smoke out of a pipe designed to look like a car lighter. Here are just some of the many questions that popped up in our minds while looking at these photos. (We think we answered our first question — Is that really Amanda Bynes? — by finding the above recent photo of her with brown hair.)

1. Is there no one around to drive Amanda to the store these days? Don’t all her friends/family/employees realize she has a suspended license?
2. Why do Californians eat at Baja Fresh when there are so many amazing food trucks and authentic Mexican restaurants around?
3. Does Amanda have a prescription for marijuana? (Alternate question: Is that marijuana?)
4. If so, could she maybe just smoke it at home?
5. If you’re going to smoke openly — and leave buds all over your car — why bother with a pipe disguised as a lighter (the concept of which kind of blows our sober minds)? Why not use one of those pretty glass ones?
6. Can someone please help Amanda clean all that trash out of her car? It looks like mine after a week-long road trip?
7. What did she need at Home Depot?
8. Could there be a more confusing place to shop than Home Depot when you’re stoned?
9. Where can we get those sunglasses Amanda’s wearing? They’re really cute.
10. Did she have a date after this trip? Her makeup looks awfully good for a trip to the hardware store.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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