“I Don’t Have Many Talents”: Jennifer Lawrence Self-Deprecates Into Our Hearts Via W Magazine


Jennifer Lawrence W Magazine Interview

Despite having a face like a valentine, a gigantic action franchise and an Oscar nom under her belt, Jennifer Lawrence is consistently the most self-deprecating celebrity we know. And we love it. We do feel conflicted about our love though. On one hand, we don’t want JLaw to think she is anything less than the flawless human being she is. On the other hand…remember when she went on Letterman to promote Hunger Games back in March and declared, “I hate myself. Don’t go see the movie because I’m a troll. I think the movie is great but their biggest mistake was me”? We’re sorry, but that proved to us she’s a woman after our own hearts. Now The Silver Linings Playbook star is bringing more of the same in her new W Magazine interview. Wow, how can this woman not know she’s as close to perfection as homo sapiens get?

  • “People always worry that I’m wrong for the part: I’m usually too young—or, in the case of Katniss, they thought I was too old. I was blonde, and Katniss is brunette. So many problems.”
  • “I’m such a bad dancer [laughs]. I don’t have many talents: I’m not a good cook, I can’t clean, and I can’t sew. The only thing I can do well is shoot bow and arrow—which I learned to do for The Hunger Games and will probably never come in handy—and act. Imagine me 100 years ago: I would have been pointless.”
  • About wearing full-body makeup for X-Men: First Class: “The hotel in London wouldn’t give me my security deposit back because I turned their tub blue. I also did that to a lot of toilet seats on set. We called it ‘getting Mystiqued.'”

Is Angelina Jolie going around, talking about being untalented and turning toilets blue with her butt? Oh, how we wish she would! Actually, we bet Chris Evans is one of the few other performers who would cop to thoughts like these. Is this a new trend we’re spotting? A-list actors with crazy, sad, amazing senses of humor about themselves? Oh, we sure hope so!

[Photo: W Magazine]

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