New Catching Fire Set Photos Reveal 3 Reasons Sam Claflin Was The Right Pick For Finnick Odair


Sam Claflin Finnick Odair Costume

Do you find this…distracting? While Sam Claflin rocked a slender, almost feral steez for his role in Snow White And The Huntsman, we could not be happier with how his Finnick Odair look is shaping up on the Atlanta set of Catching Fire. We know there are few holdouts who would have drawn a different actor to play the Hunger Games tribute (For example, maybe Garrett Hedlund would have picked Garrett Hedlund, if he hadn’t been busy shooting On the Road.), but there are three important details at play that already affirm definitively (definitively to us, anyway) that Sam was the right pick for Finnick:

  1. Dat hair: you know we love Josh Hutcherson, but the new photos of his blond Peeta locks are over-the-top bleached. As for Sam’s Finnick do? Bronze-color hair, golden skin, sea-green eyes…yeah, we can see it. Well, not the eyes, obviously. We just have to trust that the costumer department didn’t go crazy with the colored contacts. Either way, Sam is working it out.
  2. The jackedness: Claflin is typically a slim, pale, vest-wearing kind of hottie (our preferred flavor), but set photos make it clear that he’s ready, willing and able to get appropriately huge for the role.
  3. Randomly blowing kisses to unseen (possibly nonexistent) cheering fans: that’s the Finnick swagger the character requires. Excuse his “natural beauty.”

Great, so…when are they shooting him in the golden fishnet toga thing? Maybe we’ll just rent a car and drive all night to find out ourselves! That’s cool, right Sam?

Sam Claflin On Catching Fire Set

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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