Amanda Bynes’ Car Is Impounded, Lindsay Lohan Tweets Her A Diss


Amanda Bynes Car Impounded, Lindsay Lohan Tweets Her A Diss

Ugh, where do we even begin with this not-so-hot mess? Amanda Bynes‘ downward spiral has been well-documented, but nothing seems to stop this train-wreck from happening. It’s a major cause for concern, because it’s no cool to see someone run off the rails so dramatically. Right after Amanda was charged with two counts of hit-and-run for her previous automotive misadventures, she ended up getting pulled over even though her license had been suspended. She was let off this once with a verbal warning, for reasons that are still unclear to us. The woman was driving with her headlights off! We know, the Lindsay Lohan comparisons are so in everyone’s faces. How ironic is it that Lindsay herself has actually tweeted about the situation, writing, “Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far? +” She does have a point.

Lindsay Lohan Tweets Amanda Bynes A Diss

Here’s what’s been happening, in quick succession after that incident which can now be called a serious case of pushing luck. Amanda kept driving her car, with her license still suspended, natch, and got into a minor fender bender on Thursday night. This is after those dodgy pictures of Amanda smoking a pipe (cough, cough) were published. Stories from sources of her “delusional behaviour” — at her gym, no less — have been reported by TMZ. Hey, at least she’s still working out, right? Her neighbors allege that they’ve seen her talking to inanimate objects, for instance. To add to all of that, Amanda’a car was impounded yesterday, in Burbank,  after she was pulled over by the cops (again) who wouldn’t let her fly with the suspended license any longer. Thank God for small mercies — she can’t get behind the wheel any longer. TMZ‘s also talking about her Amanda is apparently insistent that she’s not crazy, and that she doesn’t smoke weed and that “everything’s fine.” Lady, we don’t know how many times we can say this. Everything is not fine. You are not okay. Get help.

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