Amanda Bynes Allegedly Angry With Lindsay Lohan, Probably Angrier With Her Uncle


Amanda Bynes Uncle Speaks About Meltdown

If you had guessed by now that Lindsay Lohan‘s snarky tweet about Amanda Bynes‘ on-going legal troubles would kickstart a feud, we’d say this isn’t your first time at the Celebrity Gossip Rodeo. “I HATE being compared to her,” TMZ alleges Amanda texted a friend about Lindsay’s tweet. We’d probably hate being compared to Lindsay too. It’s just…a really easy comparison to make, you know? It also doesn’t help to hear that Amanda was allegedly driving aimlessly around the Burbank airport “drawing attention to herself” before she was pulled over on Sunday. We’d compare her to George Washington if we could, but the connections are just way harder to make. Amanda doesn’t wear a powdered wig, and George was dead over a century before cars were invented!

As peeved as the All That alum might be at Lilo for calling her out, it’s Amanda’s uncle who will probably bare the brunt of her wrath. “She needs to stop drinking and driving,” Amanda’s uncle Ronald Bynes told Celebuzz. “She needs help.” Uncles, the nation’s foremost news source: because you’re going to tell someone about your driving woes, it’s definitely your gossipy Uncle Ron. Claims Bynes, “[Her father] doesn’t want to talk about her and often changes the subject. The problem is there’s no correspondence [between Amanda and her parents]. I don’t even think they know what’s going on with he.” Says Ron, “They’re very upset about her recent problems, but they’re in the dark.”  On one hand, come on Uncle Ronald! Why you blowing up Mandy’s spot like this? On the other hand…if Amanda’s father honestly can’t even talk about his daughter’s problem, that might explain why her crisis seems to be continuing unabated…

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