So, What Movie Should Channing Tatum Direct Before He Inevitably Directs Magic Mike 2?


Channing Tatum May Direct Magic Mike 2

Channing Tatum has recently been dropping a boatload of Axe Body Spray-scented hints regarding the form and format of the inevitably Magic Mike sequel. For example, so far we know Magic Mike 2 may or may not be a “broad road comedy” in which Tatum and company “flip the script and make it bigger.” Intriguing! According to Chan’s interview with Vulture this weekend, we now know that the first Magic Mike movie will look like a student film (about stripping A-listers) in comparison. “We’ve thought about directing Magic Mike 2, and we’re still thinking about it, and we want to do that,” Channing said of his plans with producing partner Reid Carolin. “We want to do the sequel. It’s too good of a movie, and the characters are so crazy, that we want to go for it. We feel like we did the little indie version this last time, and for the next one, we want to up the stakes a little, maybe go even farther.” Good thing we’re not eating right now, because we cannot stop inhaling with surprised delight!

Of course, far be it from Channing to immediately try to stand on the shoulders of giants, especially if said giants just made a very successful male exotic dance movie. “Reid and I aren’t idiots! We’re not going to direct our first movie as a sequel to a Steven Soderbergh movie. That’s not smart,” Tatum laughed. “I want to start with something very small … make a lot of mistakes, make them real early, and then go jump in [on Magic Mike 2].” While Channing probably has a specific movie in mind to fumble around on, we don’t know what that might be, so we’re going to offer some helpful films suggestions for Chan to get out of the way before returning to the sweet, sweet booty-shaking hero’s journey that is Magic Mike 2. Films like:

  • 21 Jump Street 2: Okay, this will not in any way be a “very small” movie, but with Jonah Hill writing and Channing Tatum directing? The upcoming sequel would be a delight.
  • Smurfs 2: Would you see it just to support Channing Tatum’s directing career? What if they threw in a free Smurfs hat or something? And Matthew McConaughey would come to your office to give you a lap dance for every ticket you bought? Alright, alright.
  • G.I. Joe: Retaliation: Maybe that way it’ll actually get into theaters when they say it will. Heyo! Ya burnt! Also Channing could edit it down to be 90% Channing Tatum, 10% explosions.
  • Channing Taters: A live-action Mr. Potato Head movie starring this bake potato on which we drew Channing Tatum’s beautiful face and cuddle at night. We mean…on which somebody else drew Channing Tatum’s  beautiful face and cuddles at night. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

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