Kim Kardashian Plays The “Adorable Kitten” Card While Walking Around Miami


We’re gonna go out on a limb here and say that -right or wrong-  a lot of people just don’t like Kim Kardashian. So what’s a uber media savvy woman with a PR problem to do? What do people love more than anything? What is so blindingly adorable that it’ll totally distract from the fact that you’ve turned your very existence into a multimedia brand? The answer of course, is kittens.

Kim was spotted strolling the Miami boardwalk with little sister Khloe and an adorable white puffball of a kitty, called “Mercy.” The sisters introduced the teacup persian cat yesterday on Twitter, but it was so cute we assumed it had to be some new Pixar character. But seeing these photos, Mercy is scarily real and we are totally caught in the vortex of cuteness. Gahhhhhhhh! We’re totally out of snarky sarcastic comments, you guys! Look at it’s little tiny face! It’s big blue eyes! Damn you, Kardashians!!

If you’ve ever had any doubt that Kim Kardashian is a public relations genius, head on down to the gallery below.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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