Usher Admits To Being “Not Faithful All The Way,” But Sounds Like An Awesome Dad


Tameka Foster and Usher

Oprah may have thought the question everyone wanted to ask Usher was whether he makes love to his own music (answer: yes), but really what we all wanted to know was whether he really did cheat on Tameka Foster, with one of her own bridesmaids. On Oprah’s Next Chapter, his answer was a firm … not really.

“No. I was faithful at heart, but not faithful all the way,” Usher said. “Even having a conversation with another woman, period, about matters of your relationship or emotions is, in my opinion, not being faithful.”

And when Oprah tried to clarify the matter of whether he’d actually slept with another woman, he finally answered, “When we were separated, yes, I was. We were not divorced.”

Usher admitted to having doubts about the marriage right before their 2007 wedding, making many of us on the outside shake our heads along with O. At the same time, the singer did sort of make Tameka out to be the bad guy. “I did get a great sense of the insecurities that were there and the fact that she wasn’t coping well with being in this position, being married to Usher, and all that came with that,” he said, later adding, “She made us enemies in a way that I could never understood.”

As much as we cringe when hearing a man talk openly about his ex that way (regardless of who’s at fault), the extra webisode in which Usher talks about his parenting philosophy goes a long way toward making us love Usher all over again.

“I give them what they work hard for as a treat,” he said, in response to Oprah’s question of how he avoids spoiling 4-year-old Naviyd and 3-year-old Usher V. “Behavior is the work to be done, so when they are good, they get a treat.” He went on to describe how the kids have “homework” and go on field trips to Yellowstone or the zoo. And yeah, the thought of the crooner coloring with toddlers and going over the alphabet with them basically melts us in a way none of his songs ever could.

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