Mindy Kaling Talks Benders And Babysitting, Is More Relatable Than Ever On Letterman


Mindy Kaling told David Letterman last night that one of the advantages of having a show named after you was that you can win all arguments with coworkers by pointing to the mug with your name on it. But what Letterman went on to prove was that there’s a potential drawback of having a show named after you: People assume you’re just like the main character. That’s presumably why he asked the star and creator of The Mindy Project if she ever drank herself into oblivion, the way her character on the show does.

“First, of all, even if I had I would never say that,” Kaling said. “Second of all, I went to a party school, I went to Dartmouth College. It’s a drinking college. I didn’t have parents who were liberal, like have a sip of wine at dinner. So I went from no alcohol to the only way to drink was to drink yourself into oblivion. … I kind of know one or the other, so it’s kind of like, every couple of years I have a really organized bender and then I’m out of it.”

“So you know what you’re doing — you weren’t sucked into addiction,” Letterman said.

“This line of questioning is leading to an area that I think is going to be problematic for me in launching a new television show,” Kaling said, laughing. And so the conversation turned to her early years as a babysitter in New York City. And here again, is a story a whole lot of us can relate too:

“I was not a great babysitter,” she admitted. “I was babysitting 11-year-old girls which is right in my wheelhouse of people I do well with. First of all because I sound like an 11-year-old girl. And also ’cause they want to talk about the same kind of things, like yeah sure let’s talk about boy bands and things like that. But I really liked that job because when they went to sleep, and these were like rich kids that I would babysit for, I could, like, put on Showtime at the Apollo, put on a rich lady’s kimono and eat all the food in their fridge. I was a broke 22-year-old, and there was like a cashmere kimono. Of course. It seems reasonable to me.”

To us too, Mindy.

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