Take Notes, Dina Lohan: Amanda Bynes’ Parents Allegedly Move To California To Offer Support


Amanda Bynes Parents Allegedly Move To L.A.

We’re just going to leave this right here for you, Dina Lohan: despite (or perhaps because of) Amanda Bynes‘ uncle Ronald Bynes’ interview with Celebuzz this week, in which he claims that the All That star’s parents are “in the dark” about her recent problems, TMZ alleges that Mama and Papa Bynes actually put their Cedar Park, Texas home up for sale after Amanda’s DUI in April and have since moved to L.A. to act as a support system. If true, this might be the most surprisingly hopeful thing about the Amanda Bynes’ story since she starred in She’s The Man. Honestly! It’s an extremely underrated movie!

While Amanda’s problems don’t seem to have, you know, stopped at all, we can’t help but feel that this is a great sign. Maybe we’re just constantly exposed to celebrity parents who can’t or won’t offer a voice of reason in their children’s lives, but this rumor makes us feel like Amanda has at least some quasi-normal people she can rely on. It’s kind of the same conclusion we came to when contemplating Miley Cyrus‘ numerous yet not disastrous public scandals: having semi-stable parents is probably the key to a child star becoming a functioning adult. Or just not having Michael Lohan within a 500 foot radius of them. Either one.

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