Barack Obama Tweets Jay-Z & Bey, Pirate Pics; Mitt Romney Won’t Do SNL – Whose Approach Will Win?


Obama with Beyonce and Jay-Z

Much to our disappointment, there weren’t any cameras allowed to document President Obama’s fundraiser hosted by Jay-Z and Beyonce last night. Well, none except the very official one that took the pic above, which was posted to @BarackObama earlier this afternoon. And that tweet was shortly followed by a nod to International Talk Like a Pirate Day (today) — a photo of the president talking to a pirate with the caption “Arr you in?” And Obama’s appearance on Letterman last night gave the show its highest ratings since 2010. Clearly, the president’s philosophy on mixing with pop culture is controlled but broad-reaching. It’s the kind of populist approach that garnered him the youth vote in 2008, so he’s sticking with it.

On the other end of the spectrum, we now know that Republican candidate Mitt Romney is very cautious about appearing on shows, as he said in his infamous (“47 percent”) fundraiser video posted by Mother Jones this week. Now that he’s appeared on Leno more than Letterman, he told supporters, “Letterman hates me now.” Though he was asked, he said he won’t be appearing on Saturday Night Live, because, “You want to show that you’re fun and you’re a good person but you also want to be presidential and Saturday Night Live has the potential of looking slapstick and not presidential.”

Mitt Romney on Leno in March

He also considers The View to be “high-risk” because of the ratio of conservative to liberal hosts on the show, though he’s been on that show more than once. In response, Barbara Walters invited him to return, and his campaign announced today that he would do so in October.

What do you think of the candidates’ different opinions on reaching the masses? Should they remain apart and “presidential,” or should they be hanging with hip-hop stars and comedians — you know, like you and I do every day — to show they’re one of us?

[Photos: Twitter, Getty Images]

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