Whoa…Did Ciara Break Up Chelsea Handler And 50 Cent’s Relationship?


Ciara Allegedly Broke Up Chelsea Handler And 50 CentHuh? Call us crazy, but we always assumed Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent were more of a “friends with benefits” situation than a love match when they were together in 2010. They were always so weird and coy about the whole thing! Just like how we are about our friends with benefits! Uh, we mean… Despite the rumor that emerged last year claiming Chelsea dumped Fif for hotelier Andre Balazs, Handler now allegedly admits that it was Fiddy’s on-going drama with ex-girlfriend Ciara that came between them…and of course it went down right before Chelsea had to interview Ciara on Chelsea Lately in December 2010! See, this is why friends with benefits don’t work! Ciara’s always calling and trying to get back together with them!

“…Ciara–that’s her name!–was coming on the show, and he called me to tell me something about her like she still calls him all the time, and she still tells him that she loves him or something,” Handler allegedly revealed in a recent interview. “He said, ‘I want you to hear this conversation’ and he was like calling someone like a 3-way phone call. I go, ‘So you’re telling me this girl wants to get back together with you, but she’s upset that you’re dating me, is that what you’re saying?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, so I just want you to know when she comes.’” Wait…what? Why would you tell your new lady friend any of that? We’re with Chelsea on this one: “honestly this is like eighth grade s—.” For Chelsea, the fact that Fif would make things that awkward right before Ciara’s visit was the last straw. “I think I called him the worst thing you could say to a black person short of calling him the N-word. I said something like you’re like a street person basically. Something along the lines of being a gangster, and it was really, really offensive and I hung up and I’ve never spoken to him again,” admits Handler. Yikes! Well, we hope it was all worth it, Ciara and Fiddy. They immediately got married after this went down, right?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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