Lady Gaga In Amsterdam: Is This For Real Or Are We Smoking Something?


Lady Gaga in Amsterdam

This post is going up a little later than planned because we basically spent the past hour staring at the photo on the left. Our photo agency Splash News says that it is Lady Gaga performing in Amsterdam last night. And indeed, it is with a batch of other photos from the show. But even though Mother Monster does seem to have added a tiny bit of meat to her bones (insert meat dress pun), we don’t think this photo looks like her AT ALL. Especially when we see the photo on the right, which was taken this morning and does not show her to have a massive double chin. So, maybe you guys can help us decide. Is this just a terribly unflattering photo of Gaga? Or is it a body double she had onstage? We haven’t seen her on her latest tour, so maybe that’s part of her act? Not that we care if she gains weight — girlfriend has been touring nonstop for three years and she deserves to fuel her body.

We are less concerned about the NSFW video posted below, in which Gaga accepts and lights up a joint from among the many gifts thrown to her onstage during the show. She’s of age and it’s perfectly legal in the Netherlands. Some of you disagree and say she’s setting a bad example for the kids back at home. Well, it’s not like she’s lighting up on the Disney Channel. Parents, get your kids away from Youtube if they are susceptible to such examples — ’cause they’re bound to find way worse things than someone taking a little toke.

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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