We Can Name 5 Gaga Moments More Scandalous Than Her Pot Smoking Vid Off The Top Of Our Heads


Some people on the Interweb are getting their monocles in a twist over the fact that Lady Gaga may have smoked a little pot on stage in Amsterdam last week. To which we say: where have you been for the past three to four years? Sex, blood, violence, butts, more butts: if it offends someone’s grandma, chances are Gaga has done it, in public, recently. We know it’s not exactly fair to compare actual drug use to simulated violence/sexing (or butts), but is it anymore eye brow-raising than…

 1) That VMAs performance

Oh yeah, remember when Gaga first blew our minds at the 2009 VMAs by pretending to gouge open her abdomen and pseudo-hang herself? Yeah, girl has been on the offensive tip for a while now…

2) Pretty much anything she does with Terry Richardson

Like this Supreme ad campaign, which of course is nothing compared to when she posed for bondage photographer Nobuyoshi Araki in 2009. Bondage photographer, people!  The woman does not care!

3) This Burqa Covered In Animal Tails She Wore This Week

To the Philip Tracey show at London Fashion Week. Oh, and we’re pretty sure her purse says the c-word. Unsurprisingly, some people thought this was in bad, confusing taste.

4) Telling Anti-Fur Activists To Back Up Off Her Chinchilla

Speaking of wearing dead animals, unlike 99% of her fellow celebrities, Gaga doesn’t care what you think of her mink. “You see a carcass, I see a museum pièce de résistance,” she sniffed at detractors.

5) Attempts To Ban Her In Several Countries 

Indonesia, The Philippines, protests in South Korea: from her sexy outfits to her unyielding support of the LGBT community, some countries are not feeling Gaga. So they probably won’t like her less for smoking weed in public. Just equally as much as they did before! The woman just wouldn’t be a Lady if she played it safe.

[Photo: Getty Images/Supreme/ Splash News Online]

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