Lindsay Lohan Arrested In New York!


Lindsay Lohan Arrested In New York

Woah, all this talk about Amanda Bynes and how she’s the next Lindsay Lohan and Lindsay Lohan rears her head again! And it looks like she’s back to her old tricks. LiLo was arrested this morning in New York City after supposedly tapping a pedestrian with her┬áPorsche Cayenne around two in the morning. This happened around the Dream Hotel in downtown NYC where she was apparently about to park her car. She ended up hitting this poor dude’s knee instead, or so he claims. Also, and here’s just an FYI. The owner of the Dream Hotel is Vikram Chatwal, who Li.Lo had a fling with earlier this year. Or may still be having a fling with, for all we know.

Back to the story though. Here’s the problem: While she should’ve checked to see if the guy was okay, since she hit his knee (even though it was at a really slow speed), she and some friends waltzed into the hotel. Only one of her posse checked to see if the car was harmed, not the alleged victim.

UPDATE: TMZ reports that surveillance footage shows that it’s unclear whether the car ever made contact with the man, who then ran after Lindsay. When she exited the car, she appeared completely unaware that she hit a person.

The guy then called 911 and was taken to the hospital, where he checked out okay. According to the surveillance video, Lindsay left the club minutes after entering it, and then returned again. It was after she left the second time that cops arrived to take her into custody. TMZ‘s sources say she was arrested for┬áleaving the scene of an accident, but was subsequently released with something called a desk appearance ticket. That translates into her not having to post bail before being let go. No booze was involved, reports say.

Could this be more trouble for Lindsay who is currently on probation? We’ll just have to wait and see. Looks like she shouldn’t have tweeted Bynes about going to jail, huh. Let’s not tempt the fates, Lindz.

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