Paul Rudd’s 7 Minutes In Heaven Ghost Impression So Cute, We Could Die


We hope they have laptops in the afterlife, because Paul Rudd‘s impression of a poltergeist in his 7 Minutes In Heaven interview is almost killing us. He’s so adorable, we can feel our bones turn to dust! We won’t even get into Saturday Night Live writer Mike O’Brien giving Paul soft, ghostly sparrow kisses. Okay, yes we will: squee!

We also like Paul’s spooky character work for another reason besides his handsomeness. For all the Paranormal Activities that arrive in theaters, how come you never see a really friendly, extremely handsome ghost? Do the good-looking and jovial never have unfinished business here on earth? We just hope we don’t pass on from this realm before we watch the video a few more times, or else we will be forced to haunt…well, we guess YouTube. Let’s just stare at Paul Rudd’s ghost impression now to avoid that dire fate:

We would love a Paul Rudd ghost to haunt our dry cleaning.

Most ghosts have horrible ghost faces and old timey ghost clothes. Not the Ghost of Paul Rudd! He’s all smiles and stubble.

Why would a ghost say hello? Could we love this man any more than we do now?

Paul Rudd 7 Minutes In Heaven Interview

This one’s actually kind of spooky. Spooky hot! Gotcha! See you all in Heaven, everyone!

[Photo: Above Average]

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