Heidi Klum Takes A Page Out Of Kate Middleton’s Book, May Sue Over Topless Pictures


Heidi Klum May Sue Over Topless Pictures

So, Heidi Klum has clearly been following all the updates about Kate Middleton‘s topless scandal, considering she now needs to pick up some tips about how to handle her own incident. Because Heidi was also sneakily photographed topless, and she’s mad about it. The supermodel was on vacation in the South of France with her bodyguard boyfriend and was blindsided by the fact that pictures from their holiday turned up on various websites. Unfortunately for her, tracing who is responsible is a task as so many different sites have posted the pictures, and sources say her people are currently trying to find the party who is to blame. It’s the Kate story — violation of privacy — since Heidi was also sunbathing at a private chateau in France. And now, the news is that she’s seriously contemplating suing¬†when she finds out who took the photos. Firstly, what is up with the French? They really know how to play dirty! But we hate to say it, because we said it before, there is nothing known as “private” anymore. Celebrities can sue all they want for violations but court cases always happen after the damage is done. The pictures always come out first and the embarrassment doesn’t really go way because a judge pounds his gavel and says so. We’re not saying don’t go get the a—, but we’re saying … c We have a feeling that Heidi’s going to draw the papers soon. If the Duchess can do it, so can she!

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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