5 Things In The New Les Miz First Look Video That Blew Our Musical-Loving Minds


Humina humina! Is it gross to refer to the new Les Miserables first look video as “musical movie porn”? It is, isn’t it? Very gross? Ah, we see. Forget we said anything! Let’s just watch it a dozen more times on repeat. “It’s going to be different for sure. It’s the first time anyone’s tried it like this,” Anne Hathaway explains in the new clip.  The main difference to us seems to be the fact that they’ve taken a musical people are literally obsessed with…and successfully translated it for the big screen! We may be counting our tubercular French chickens before they hatch, but there were at least five elements in this new video that had us gasping in delight:

1) The live recording process: We had heard about director Tom Hooper’s decision to record his actors singing live, but having Hugh Jackman break down the process for us leaves us even more in awe. How can they manage to do multiple takes without blowing out their vocal chords? Do they end up sounding even more amazing because they have the raged, bruised voices of actual revolutionaries/street urchins? There must be so, so much tea at the Les Miz craft services table. Just pallets and pallets of tea and lozenges.

2) Amanda Seyfried’s angelic voice: “If they don’t think I’m the right Cosette, eff em,” Seyfried joked back in February. Well, obviously, seeing as how her voice sounds like warm aristocratic honey being poured into our ears. Were we the only ones that didn’t know the Big Love star had pipes like that? We were, weren’t we?

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3) Eddie Redmayne being the new hotness: Um, did you guys see Marius’ hair and period French costume? We knew the man was good-looking, but this is ridiculous. Get start on your fan fiction now!

4) How obvious it is that Anne Hathaway is getting an Oscar nom: That raw, weeping face! That beautiful, breaking voice! And to think, just two years ago she was semi-bombing as an Academy Award co-host alongside James Franco. How sweet that night will be…

5) Pretty much everything else about the movie: Film newcomer Samantha Barks‘ performance! The live keyboardist! Russell Crowe‘s hat! Dat. Hat. Honestly, so far the film looks and sounds truly gorgeous. We are going to be sorely disappointed if this somehow turns out badly. It…it won’t will it? What part of Les Miz has you wiping drool off your laptop so far?

[Photo: Universal Pictures/Regal Cinemas]

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