Which Is The Bigger Wreck: Lindsay Lohan’s “Hit And Run” Footage Or Her Scary Movie 5 Cameo?


Lindsay Lohan Hit And Run Security Footage

It’s days like these we’re glad we’re not police detectives. Every other day…well, it’s our biggest regret. The New York Post has the security footage from Lindsay Lohan‘s alleged hit-and-run accident Tuesday night, and it’s about as opaque as the bystanders’ tastefully obscured faces. On one hand, you do not see tourists leaping out of the way as Lindsay careens into The Dream Hotel on two wheels, nor do they, you know, act in any way like they’ve just witnessed an accident. On the other hand, you do see someone (ostensibly Jose Rodriquez, the man who claimed Lindsay struck him) hustling after the car as it drives out of frame.

We honestly don’t know what information, if any, to take away from the video, though we do know it’s not nearly as big a disaster as…

Lindsay Lohan And Charlie Sheen In Scary Movie 5

WIG! Oh jeez, we got startled there. PopCultureBrain posted the first image from Lindsay’s Scary Movie 5 cameo today, and we immediately understood those rumors claiming Lilo hesitated to come to set and shoot her role. If the part had her sleeping with Charlie Sheen, we can’t imagine some of the jokes are particularly flattering. Remember Charlie Sheen‘s last bunkmate? Or bunkmates, as the case may be? The pornstars? Looks like Wreck Of The Day officially goes the image of Lindsay slipping in between the sheets with the Sheenius. Why did we never finish our application to the police academy? Why?

[Photo: PopCultureBrain/Dimension Films]

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